Pure white & Grey Wood Plank


Our 2 board backdrop bundles are supplied with ‘L’ shaped brackets enabling established and budding photographers to capture images from a multitude of angles. Follow our instructions to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome when assembling your photography backdrops

A captivating shade of white, pure white is your go to backdrop when you need to create an incredibly fresh, minimalist look. This backdrop has no texture or design allowing for the pure white backdrop to speak for itself. With the assistance of our ‘FlashDrop’ brackets, pure white instantly becomes an easy to clean wall or table.

The grey wood plank offers a rare and beautiful design combination resulting in a pure grey plank with an exciting grain. Each monochrome shifts through light and dark shades as the strong grain design pulses through the board. This grey wood backdrop is an attractive grey oak effect plank design with a matt surface finish, perfect for replicating a wooden worktop or flooring and can be paired creatively to recreate almost any space.


Product Features

  • Realistic and non-reflected (300 DPI at printed size)
  • Large yet portable (23 x 23 inches square)
  • Lightweight and durable (each board just 2 lbs)
  • Hard surface (NOT flimsy like vinyl)
  • Highly resistant to stains and glare
  • 100% produced in the United Kingdom

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