Nude Marble & Nude Marble


Our 2 board backdrop bundles which are supplied with ‘L’ shaped brackets enabling established and budding photographers to capture images from a multitude of angles. Follow our instructions to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome when assembling your photography backdrops.

Inspired by the ancient heroic beautiful sculptures created at the height of the Greek and Roman empires this pale nude marble backdrop bares an uncanny resemblance to the metamorphic rock derived from limestone and will transform any product or food background into a timeless and classy creation. 

Product Features

  • Realistic and non-reflected (300 DPI at printed size)
  • Large yet portable (23 x 23 inches square)
  • Lightweight and durable (each board just 2 lbs)
  • Hard surface (NOT flimsy like vinyl)
  • Highly resistant to stains and glare
  • 100% produced in the United Kingdom.

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