Best Practices

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Heat warnings

 FlashDrops are not designed to place hot objects directly on ourbackdrops. Always use an oven mat, heat proof mat or allow item to reach room temperature before coming into direct contact with your surface.

Backdrops left in hot environments for extended periods of time (ie. direct sunlight or a hot cars) are at risk of warping. Treat your surface as you would treat your camera and take them inside with you on hot days. If you're shooting outside, shoot in a shaded area and take extra care with darker Surfaces as these attract more light and heat. Your photos will look better in a shaded area to be honest!


To best protect your surfaces, store Backdrops at room temperature and in an area that is not subject to heat or excess light. For more stylish protection, keep your eyes on your inbox because a custom bag is in the works! We expect it to be available in Spring 2021.

Need a carrying case sooner than that? Some customers use an artist portfolio case, which can be found at most craft stores. Just make sure the inner dimensions are at least 24 x 24 inches.

How to maintain boards

FlashDrops are extremely stain resistant, however if you do need to clean a mild mess please use water and a cloth to wipe the surface clean.

To protect the finish when styling, we recommend lifting and moving props (rather than dragging them across the photo board). Use extra care or utilise an underlay cloth as an additional prop when using items that are heavy, or likely to leave impressions on the boards (like some plates do). Your photos will be grateful!

Recommended cleaning products:

• Water and cloth

• Water wipes

• Seventh generation multipurpose cleaning products

These three products have been rigorously tested and are proven to be FlashDropssafe.

If your backdrop doesn’t wipe clean immediately, spray with cleaner again and let stand 3-5 minutes before wiping. Repeat until the Surface wipes completely clean.

Refrain contact with non-food substances (e.g. hot wax, paint, polish) since these may stain or damage the finish of your backdrop. If you want to drizzle highly-pigmented foods or any non-foods (e.g. creams, oils, and other products) onto your backdrop, we always recommend testing them on the backside of your backdrop first.

The following cleaners are NOT FashDrop-safe, so I wouldn’t recommend trying it!

• wipes of any kind

• Cleaning agents (including Dettol, Zoflora, and Flash)

• anything containing bleach

• window cleaner

• baby wipes

• white vinegar

• dish soap

• scrubbing pad/sponge

If you want to use a cleaner that isn't on either of these lists, we strongly recommend testing it on the backside of your Backdrop first to make sure it’s FlashDrop-safe. If you are using a double sided board I suggest using the products recommended above.