FlashDrops are a convenient, stylish and affordable brand specialising in backdrops suitable for people with varying levels of photography skillset.  

Inspired by a passion for armature food photography, Samson and Querida created FlashDrops to ensure that whether you’re a seasoned photographer, an e-commerce business owner or just someone who enjoys the art of photography you are able to utilise the light weight and easy set up of FlashDrops photo boards.  

Samson has made it clear that FlashDrops mission is to add a steel of confidence to individuals that are using their backdrops and together they have brought this mission to life by using bright and picture perfect backdrops to showcase creations in a beautiful light.

FlashDrops is an embodiment of Querida’s love for aesthetically pleasing food and product photography and they are created with the everyday person in mind.   

Whether you are at home, at the studio or taking photos on the go, Querida has ensured that location and set up will not hold you back from taking amazing shots and the brackets that accompany the two & three board bundles are a testament to her ethos as there is no need to balance your boards against a surface for them to stand up right.  

All FlashDrops photo boards are 100% recyclable and are designed and printed in the UK, created for personal and professional use.