Why Your Restaurant Should Use Professional Photography

Every day, millions of food photographs are uploaded to Instagram, and there’s research behind ‘foodstagramming’ that restauranteurs should not ignore. People always want to share how good their food looks, and whether it lives up to the hype.

It’s not enough to let your customers share their photos for you, neither is it good enough to take a few snaps with your smartphone. While mobile photography has become the norm, professional photography is still needed to capture your food in ways near impossible for even the most skilled of smartphone photographers, such as capturing smoke and steam rising from delicious dishes.

As hospitality businesses aim to recover from the pandemic, now is the best time to invest in professional photography to highlight your establishment in an unforgettable light.


Making the Most of Your Marketing

Food photography must be a priority component of your marketing strategy. It can help establish your restaurant and build brand recognition. People will associate you with your food when your marketing is done right.

Consider the fact that 50 per cent of diners are influenced by social media, and it makes sense to invest in the means to entice diners to your establishment.

However, it is unlikely you started your business to simply be taking photos of your food, so it may be a good idea to hire a marketing manager who knows how to strategise and build your brand by planning campaigns, spearheading promotional events, reproaching current market trends, optimising your website and SEO, and managing your social media.

Any experienced marketing manager will be aware of the importance of good photography and will be able to utilise them on your website, social media, and even more traditional print marketing campaigns.


Making Your Food Irresistible

It could be that your marketing manager could be experienced with photography too, or you may find a freelance photographer to come and take photos regularly. Photography is also a very rewarding hobby for millions of people, and it could be worth learning the basics of photography yourself.

There are many aspects of photographing food that people taking snaps on a smartphone will not be aware of, such as appropriate and creative lighting, staging of the scene, using focus correctly to draw attention to the right parts of the image, and location of the shot.

You do want to create images of your food in the truest sense, but you can take some liberties with how you present the dish, and with how the photo is edited. However, you do not want to fool the customer into choosing an item that looks nothing like the photo they have seen. You want the dish to look irresistible and have diners craving it.

It will take time, patience, and a lot of practice to develop food photography skills. But, if you’re passionate about showing off your creations, they are skills worth having. It puts you in control and allows you to bring out details of your dishes that people might not otherwise see. 

Professional photographs of your food set a positive first impression. It makes your food and your establishment seem credible and trustworthy, and you want your diners to have that opinion before they have even taken a bit of your food.

Make sure you’re including photography in your marketing strategy, and let the highlighted beauty of your dishes build your success.  


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