Top Reasons To Enter Photography Contests

It takes a lot of courage for a creative person to have their work judged and scrutinised by experts. However, this is the only way they will grow and become more established in their field, which is why photography contests are becoming an increasingly important part of launching a career in the industry.


  • Gives focus

Photographers starting out might not know what their style is or what subjects they prefer to capture, but as contests typically have themes, this gives them a chance to focus their attention. This direction means they can’t let their ideas take over, so they are able to give their all to capturing the best snap within the restrictions.

Digital Photography School says: “Not all, but many photo contests have themes, and it’s this theme you concentrate your mind on as you look to compose the best photo.”


  • Gain inspiration

When comparing yourself to your friends and family, it can be easy to see your talents. However, it isn’t the general public you need to be judging yourself against, but others in your field.

By taking a good look at the competition, you’ll be able to see the standard you need to work towards, and even become inspired by their creativity, skills and ideas.

“Seeing how other people have interpreted a contest theme can lead to inspiration in your own work,” the website advised, adding: “Adapting other people’s ideas, and incorporating them into your work is a great way to improve.”

Photography competitions also help you get an idea whether you are at the right level to compete, and according to ISO 550px, to “see if your work is fresh and relevant”.


  • Feedback and critique

Though it might be hard to receive criticism, it is always useful to listen to feedback and analysis of your work, so you know which areas you need to improve.

As you typically have to stick to a brief for competitions, listening to critique is a good way to gauge whether your interpretations were accurate or not.

Olivia Bossert Education recommends requesting feedback from judges even if you win the contest, saying: “There is always something you can improve on. Use this as a chance to speak to some amazing judges about your work, and improve it!”


  • Promotion

An obvious reason to apply for competitions is to raise awareness of your company and boost your marketing potential. Not only will you become a more recognisable name if you regularly win top prizes, but judges, who are typically experts in the field, will become more familiar with your work too.

In addition to this, having credentials on your website that show off your wins will demonstrate your level of expertise. It will make your brand seem more established, better accomplished, and more professional than a competitor who has not earned any accolades in the industry.

By taking part in national, or even local, competitions, you also benefit in exposure on more social media pages. If you are shared on different accounts, you are guaranteed to reach a much bigger audience, some of whom could become future customers.


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