The Many Different Styles Of Photography

Photography can present you with an almost infinite range of styles and niches to explore, and you may find a favourite to specialise in.

When you’re just starting out in the world of photography, it is good to learn and practice a variety of styles, which will help build your skills as a photographer, and help find your particular niche in the industry, kickstarting your career.

We have a brief look at some of the most popular photography styles to explore.


Fashion Photography 

Fashion photography will let you explore and expand your creativity by shooting images of clothing and fashion accessories, such as handbags, jewellery, and shoes. Clients will typically be fashion brands who are seeking a photographer who can shoot their products in the best light and in creative ways to see their clothing or accessories.

These images are generally published online on fashion blogs, magazines, news forums, and social media. Fashion photography can allow you to be more adventurous with lighting and backgrounds.


Music Photography 

Music photography is typically a focus on capturing images of artists and bands. Often these images are used for commercial purposes by both the venue they are performing in and the band and their representatives.

You’ll find these images published in articles for music and entertainment magazines, as part of PR, album covers, and merchandise for the bands and artists. 

This is an exciting style of photography, particularly for music lovers, as you can work with a range of clients, whilst experiencing the music live. 


Architectural Photography 

The exterior and interior of buildings and built structures are at the foundation of architectural photography and typically focus on the design and structure. Architectural photography can include skyscrapers, warehouses, bridges, houses, churches, and more.

With the subject of architectural photography being unable to get to the studio, lighting can be either friend or foe of the architectural photographer, as it can be largely weather dependant.

It is a niche in which you can hone your skills with lenses and lighting, make use of tripods, tilt/shift and panoramic lenses.

If you choose architectural photography as your preferred style, your skills will be desired by architects, letting agencies, designers and more, adding value to your hobby. 


Sports Photography 

Sports photography captures the excitement and passion of sportsmen and women, as well as the enthusiasm of fans and crowds. Sports photography requires the ability to capture a shot quickly, as targets will be moving at speed.

A good way to get started is to attend local sports clubs, and, importantly, acquire the permission of coarse and athletes to photograph them during practice. By building up a strong portfolio of action sports images, you could find work through sports publications, and even find yourself at major sporting events.

Sports photographers will usually be seen walking around the pitch or court with a long lens, allowing the perfect zoom. 


Product Photography 

Still life product photography can be both artistic and commercial. It is a great skill to develop as many companies will require the services of a professional photographer to take product images for their website and promotional campaigns.

Product and still life photography can also be a route into stock photography, where you can earn money from downloads from popular stock photography sites. Product photography is a means to achieve excellent lighting and studio skills.


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