The Importance Of Props In Product Photography

Presentation is absolutely key when it comes to marketing your products and even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can still take beautiful shots that really show off your wares if you set the scene just right.

It’s a competitive world for businesses out there these days and your brand may get a little lost in the ether if you’re not showcasing your goods and services off in the right way, especially if you’re keen to improve your online visibility. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all!

Props can be used to great effect in product photography and you can have a huge amount of fun finding all sorts of different items that work well with your products and bring your photos to life.

Always make sure you choose high-quality props, as this will suggest that your products are high quality, as well. And don’t go too overboard when it comes to dressing the scene… a couple of well-placed props will show your products off, but if you bring in too many, your image will look cluttered and your products will be drowned out.

Your customers need to know exactly what you’re selling and you don’t want to cause confusion as to which item in the photo is yours, after all!

Adding props to your scenes will add drama, character and interest to your photographs, creating a sense of context and helping to build a sense of what your brand is all about for potential customers. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at what your competition is doing and see if you can find some inspiration there.

Practice makes perfect, of course, and the more you use props, the more valuable you’ll find them - and the more fun you’ll have, coming up with imaginatively styled shots.

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