Spring Into Action With Seasonal Food

Winter certainly have plenty of occasions where food features heavily, from Christmas turkey to haggis on Burns Night. But, given the time of year it is, the food on show is not all fresh, seasonal produce. True, the meat can be sourced at various times of the year, but the veg cannot.

All that starts to change when the spring arrives. While the warmer weather and the sunshine start to lure people outdoors and lift the mood after the winter gloom, the best aspect for many is the sight of new growth, everything from the daffodils and crocuses sprouting up from the ground to the hatching of everything from ducklings to tadpoles.

This also means there are more vegetables on show. True, some of those emerging in spring will be later-planted winter vegetables like broccoli and leeks. But these can also be supplemented by crops that are nor ally harvested in autumn but are sown later, like chard and parsley, as well as genuine spring crops.

More authentic spring crops include spring cabbage, hardy lettuces and broad beans, while one of the tastiest of all vegetables, asparagus, is grown through late spring into early summer.

Having this fresh produce peeping up into the brave new world of a sunny spring will provide plenty for the dinner table. But the next step is to ensure that if you are putting it together in a photographic display, you can fully capture the spring theme.

The key is to work out what to do for a broader seasonal theme, because elements like fluffy chicks and cute bunnies is more specific to Easter, so could be limiting if you want to capture the image of the season as a whole. If you are using a photo board, you can make it a little more exciting if you include some originality instead of something stereotypical, ensuring your images stand out.

A clue as to what to do could be to consider what anyone looking to take photographs this season would do. Expert Photography advises those taking spring pictures to go a bit further than just snapping something pretty that has come into bloom.

It said: “Spring photography is extremely rich for themes and metaphors. Take one simple flower. It can represent fragility, fading beauty or an unstoppable power of nature.”

To use this theme fully, it suggested, is to “tell a story, create a narrative.“ This could mean juxtaposing the spring object with another theme, or add a common element that might not be immediately thought of, like water; after all, while spring sunshine may be very pleasant after a cold winter, there are plenty of April showers too, generally falling between the March and May showers.

Alternatively, you might want to have a photographic backdrop with some other spring themes. This could include major sports events in the season like the University Boat Race or the Grand National. Alternatively, you might want to bring in outdoor scenic images connected with a particular location or area, or a combination of festivals including not just Easter but May poles too.

By taking some familiar images of spring and adding a little twist, you can help give your spring veg photoshoot a little twist, something that will make it truly memorable and stand out from the rest.

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