Setting The Scene For Beginner Photographers

Photography can seem intimidating when you first start. There are so many options out there, it may be overwhelming but by starting simple you can get to grips with the craft and start producing professional content like these food photographer of the year winners quicker than you know.

Product and food photography may seem simple -take a product, pick a backdrop and shoot a photo. However, there are more factors at play than you may have previously considered. Lighting, scenery and placement are all vitally important in producing the best photography work possible

Choosing a light, neutral backdrop can help create a clean and empty space that keeps the product at central stage. Minimising distraction in the background can help you focus on showcasing the product rather than it getting lost in the chaos. 

Starting with simple pieces is also a great way to create a range of content, as you will be able to use the same backdrops over and over without having to purchase new ones. Neutral colours will complement almost anything you plan on photographing, so you’ll be able to build your confidence behind the camera without breaking the bank. 

Once you are feeling more comfortable with your photography abilities, you may wish to change around your setup a bit. Adding different textures into your scene can help you create the illusion of everyday settings, such as a kitchen counter or dining table, without having to search for the perfect space.

Lighting is also essential in ensuring your photography is of the best standard, and using natural lighting in ordinary settings can be unreliable. It also may prove difficult to set up artificial lighting in these areas, so by scaling down and creating your own backdrop, you are able to produce quality product shots, confident in the knowledge that your scene is always picture perfect.

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