Photography Tips For Your Ecommerce Clothing Store

Good product photography can provide a customer with an idea about how an item fits, looks, and style, giving them a better idea of what to expect, and informing their purchasing decisions.

Whether you sell clothes as a business or have joined the growing ranks of people using clothing resale apps to sell on unused and unwanted clothing, quality photos are key to your success. We have a look at some tips to get better photographs of your clothing products for your ecommerce store.

Use natural lighting

You do not necessarily need a professional photo studio with industrial lighting and flash. Photographing your clothing in the brightest room of the building will make them look the best. Find a room that is flooded with natural light, and turn off any overhead lights or lamps.

A tripod will ensure that your camera is kept steady and level, as even the slightest movement can cause blurry images.

Take close up shots with different angles

Try and get a variety of close-up shots and different angles, as well as shots from the front, rear, and an angled 3/4 shot. Make sure you use the right lens and camera settings to get high-quality shots of specific details and designs on the clothing. You can try adding props that complement the item, but make sure they do not detract from the garment itself.

Using models is another great way to capture detail while allowing you to show how the product looks on a person. It can also help a customer determine how it might fit them.

Less is more: focus on one aspect of the garment

Instead of trying to get everything, focus on one particular part you want your customers to see. For example, focus on images that capture how a dress drapes. If you're working with a pair of men's trousers, think about how they are intended to be worn. Are they meant for a night out on the town or a night in at home?

Consider the context of the clothing and the intentions of the customer. Use the right model for the clothing, for example, children for children’s clothing, or fitness models for athletic wear.

Make sure there is plenty of white space

The vast majority of ecommerce stores make good use of white space, mastering how to use it to their advantage, taking care with framing and ensuring the clothing is the centre of attention.

Products photographed on a white background tend to stand out better and look cleaner and more consistent on an ecommerce platform.

Set it up correctly

Whether you’re using a professional studio or a makeshift one in your kitchen, make the necessary adjustments to ensure you get the best possible shot.

Experiment with reflectors to bounce light around and light modifying products such as softboxes to make the light less harsh. White background photos are ideal, but you can also experiment with other colour backdrops and scenes for more lifestyle or conceptual fashion style photographs.

Also, make sure the item of clothing looks its best, and that it is clean, with no marks, and no creases. Steam or iron out any wrinkles, and take time to ensure it is hanging or being worn at its best.

Following these guidelines can help any photographer capture better-looking clothing photos for their ecommerce store and hopefully boost their sales.

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