Make Products Appealing To Attract Christmas Shoppers

There are just a few weeks to go before Santa Claus comes down the chimney, which means shoppers will be out in full force soon to get all their festive presents sorted before December 25th. Therefore, this is the perfect time to make your products as appealing as possible to eager buyers.

It is never too early to begin promoting your goods, and even though Bonfire Night has only just passed, Brits are already gearing up for Christmas. In fact, a recent survey by marketing agency MediaVision found online searches for “Christmas turkey” have shot up by 88 per cent compared with last year.

If you think that’s impressive, searches for “Christmas dresses” have soared by a huge 628 per cent!

Retail expert at consultancy firm Accenture Kelly Askew told iNews there has been strong interest in the festive season this year due to being in lockdown last Christmas.

There is a very palpable sentiment in the market that we missed Christmas last year – it was the Christmas that wasn’t,” said Mr Askew.

Therefore, it is essential to capitalise on this and make your products as attractive as possible, particularly businesses that rely on their online sales.

According to a study by mobile app experience company Airship, conducted in partnership with Sapio Research, 51 per cent of UK shoppers plan to do at least three-quarters of their holiday shopping on the internet.

What’s more, making product photos look striking on small screens is integral to sales, as nearly half of online shoppers purchase their goods on smartphones rather than desktops.

Chief executive officer at Airship Brett Caine said: “Consumers are clearly developing a preference for mobile apps as the primary destination to save them time and streamline their shopping experiences from in-store wayfinding to click-and-collect and curbside pickup.


Make Products Appealing To Attract Christmas Shoppers

So, how can you make your products stand out from others to attract the Christmas shoppers this season?

First of all, it is worth taking several shots from different angles, so the customer can really see what they’re about to purchase. Take pictures from the front and back, and make sure you use the right lens and camera settings to get high-quality photos.

It is a good idea to just focus on the product and leave props and embellishments out of the frame, so potential buyers don’t get confused about what comes with the purchase. However, it could be beneficial to have something in the backdrop to give a sense of perspective, as this will make it easier for them to understand the size and dimension of the item.

Studio lighting definitely has its benefits, but natural lighting often gives the best picture. It’s not easy to get lots of natural light during the darker months, so pick your brightest room and open all curtains to flood it with as much light as possible.

According to M&S, 39 per cent of families intend to do more to celebrate this Christmas than they would have prior to the pandemic. So take advantage of the nation’s premature excitement with Christmas this year by using our photo background boards to make your product stand out. Take a look at our online store for more ideas.


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