How To Take Good Pictures Of Shoes

One of the most common items people sell second-hand are shoes, whether because they are collectable designer sneakers, or an expensive pair of heels that you couldn’t walk in. They are also one of the more deceptively tricky items to photograph well. Here are some tips to make sure your footwear will sell fast online!


1. Have a fuss-free background

A simple white backdrop board will work best, as you don’t want anything to distract from the shoes. Avoid patterned wallpaper or carpets, and strong colours. In most cases, props are not necessary for footwear photos, unless it is something directly relevant to your brand.


2. Stand the shoes up

It’s best to show the shoes as if they were being worn, rather than laying flat. If they are long boots, stuff them with tissue paper so they don’t flop over. If they are strappy shoes, hold up the straps with a discreet thread such as dental floss, so they look as they would when worn.


3. Have a good light source

If possible, use natural light by placing the shoes near a window. If the outside light is dull, you may need to supplement it with a lamp. However, avoid harsh direct light that will highlight any flaws in the product, and cast deep shadows. Soft natural light without flash is always best.


4. Keep the focus sharp

The customer will want to see the whole shoe in clear detail, so make sure that every part of the footwear item is in focus. If you have a proper camera, use this rather than your phone, as it is likely to take better quality images. Use a tripod or set your camera on a level surface to minimise shakes and get the best clarity possible.


5. Take different angles

Take one or two photos of the shoes as a pair, at an angle rather than side on, and with the camera raised to include the fullest view. Take a front and back view from slightly above. Turn them over and balance them against each other to photograph the soles, so that the viewer can see what type of grip they have, and how worn they are.


6. Take close-up shots of details

If they are ladies shoes, take a close up of the toe shape, and any other useful or ornamental details, such as the fastenings, texture, or brogue punching. If the shoe has printed information inside or elsewhere, such as the size, brand, and material composition, include this to show the customer that your product description is accurate.

If the shoes have defects such as scuffs and worn heels, it’s up to your discretion how upfront you want to be with this information. It is generally best to be as honest as you can about the condition of the product, and make it clear that any flaws are reflected in the asking price.


7. Keep the photo sizes consistent

Once you have a series of photos you are happy with, crop and resize the images so that they are all of a uniform size, and conform the sizing guidelines of your chosen ecommerce platform.

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