How to Shoot Perfect Photos at Home

Photography has become a popular hobby for millions, and the digital world has opened it up for everyone, whether you’ve invested in a digital DSLR camera and lenses, or happy snapping away on your smartphone.

Maybe you have ventured into the world of the social media influencer, and wanting to create exciting and fun content for your platforms. But even the most skilled of photographers can sometimes feel stuck in a rut and try a little experimentation to find some inspiration and create something magical.

While the pandemic crisis continues, many people will be stuck at home still, or not yet wanting to risk heading out to see friends and family, but a home photography project can be a fun and creative way to improve your photography skills and find some inspiration.

We have a few tips to help both beginner and experienced photographers alike.


The proper light

For good exposure, nice light is key. No matter what camera or equipment you are using, light is essential for photography, and you should try to find the right balance of shadow and light.

Try to use natural light sources whenever possible. While stuck indoors, or if the weather is drab you don’t fancy venturing outside, you can still find good daylight in your home, and natural light will help you to take wonderful photos.

Try working taking shots during golden hour - just after sunrise, and just before sunset - and you can try taking shorts during the blue hour - before sunset. You might be surprised by the results.

Be cautious when there are different types of light. Artificial light can be a boon to your photography, but if you learn to use it properly. Small LED lamps can create a romantic atmosphere, and table lamps are ideal for a warm and cosy home portrait.

However, different kinds go lamps give off different hues of light when mixed can often look unbalanced and unattractive.

Flash can be used in darker rooms, but it should be used moderately, otherwise, it tends to overexpose photos and looks unnatural. However, using flash in well-lit spaces can radically change the appearance, filling in shadows and creating a sense of drama.


Remember about perspective and composition

Composition is a basic thing for any photo, it helps to get the balance. It’s important to pay attention to this phenomenon to add harmony and intrigue to your images.


Get a low shot for impressive results

Many of us forget how the world looks from a different perspective, such as low down. It can provide interest in a scene to take a look from different angles and low down, as much as it can looking for directly overhead. Experiment with angles to see if you can find the perfect position.

Whether it’s a rainy day, or you’re self-isolating, it shouldn’t prevent you from finding an outlet for your creativity. Take a look around your home, and find the interesting objects you have or the corners and nooks of your home that get interesting light at different times of the day.

Try using different cameras, or DIY equipment and lighting instead of your expensive kit, and why not take a look at our backdrops for Instagram photos to help create the perfect shots at home time after time! Visit our online store today for many more photo backdrops.

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