How To Promote Your Photography On Instagram

If you’re looking at social media to promote your photography, then Instagram has to be the one to go for, as the platform that is all about photography. It has over one billion monthly active users and can be a wonderful platform for promoting your photography.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking for a new portfolio platform, or you have been developing your product photography skills for your small business, and looking to show off your wares, we have a look at how to use Instagram effectively to market your craft.

  1. Be smart with your hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to attract the attention of your followers and increase engagement. They can allow your posts to be seen by a more targeted audience and those who show an interest in your business.

To use hashtags effectively, they need to be specific and relevant to your post, product, or photograph, and to your intended audience. You can hashtag your clients, location, brand, subject, the equipment you use, or your business.

  1. Find your niche and stick to it

The key to shaping your photography brand and growth is finding your particular niche. This means experimenting with various styles and genres, continuing to learn about photography and keeping on top of trends, and investigating what kind of photography appeals to your target audience.

Find out what makes you and your work different from other photographers, and leverage that to establish something unique and exciting.

  1. Post your best photography work

Your Instagram profile is your portfolio, so ensure that only the best photographs are posted. Maintain a consistent aesthetic by using a standard colour palette, theme, and style to engage with your visitors and convert them into engaged followers and potential clients and customers.

  1. Edit your posts like a pro

Promoting your photography goes way beyond simply snapping a shot and posting it. It is about creating and curating excellent photography, and learning how to edit your photos to a professional level will help you develop an effective social media strategy to promote your business, improve credibility and increase sales.

Learn how to exploit shadow, light, and clarity to create an outstanding final product. Well-edited images and photographs will represent your brand and pass its message in a significant way.

  1. Post regularly

Posting regularly is essential for promoting your photography on Instagram. The more frequent you post, the more likes you will get and increase engagement, which will boost your followers. Posting consistently will positively impact your engagement rates.

However, your focus needs to be on quality, not quantity to attract loyal followers and clients. Be cautious of posting too often, as it can result in your posts being spammed, and will reduce your visibility

To determine the right posting frequency, post a few photos and videos every day and gauge the engagement they get. Add an extra post each day until you see the number of posts that attract the most engagement. Stick to it and remain consistent.

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