Backdrops For Ukrainian Solidarity

Ever since the Russian invasion, it has not been hard to spot images of support for Ukraine. From flags flown at town halls to lapel badges, even own to the Queen’s choice of flowers as a backdrop in meetings with world leaders, the combination of yellow and blue has not been hard to find.

For photographers, this raises some interesting possibilities for themed pictures. One of these is in nature itself; after all, the sunflower is the national symbol of Ukraine, which provides plenty of yellow and is being used as a symbol of solidarity by many.

Moreover, this being spring, daffodils juxtaposed with blue spring flowers like forget-me-nots, bell hyacinth and bluebells could provide a natural floral combination.

Clearly, therefore, photographers who want to get yellow and blue into their backgrounds can find plenty of floral ways of doing so, often entirely naturally or, like the Queen, deliberately.

At the same time, if you want to take this further and roll out a larger collection of images juxtaposing these colours, it can be done in a range of ways.

With food, this can be a little tricky. Although blueberries and blue grapes look blue under certain light, they are not truly blue and almost no food we eat is, except for blue quandongs in Australia - and even they are green inside.

The simple reason for this is that while blue flowers use certain pigments and acidity levels to create that colour, fruits are generally unattractive to pollinating insects when they are blue.

Indeed, almost no animals are true blue either; of all the world’s blue butterflies, only one - the Olivewing - has pigment in its wings, with most having wing structures that scatter light waves, the same effect that makes the sky blue. Quite simply, blue is rare.

For that reason, when it comes to food, unless you are taking a picture with blueberries or quandongs alongside yellow foods, or ‘blue’ cheese (the mould veins are actually more green than blue in most cases), the choice is restricted to artificially coloured items. This can, of course, fit very well with cakes and buns.

An alternative might be to use a blue backdrop board, such as the Abstract Blue, with yellow items in front of it. This way, you can concentrate on a range of yellow items from cheese to wheat, lemons and bananas, roast potatoes, hummus, couscous and yellow peppers.

Of course, you can take a rather different approach to this all. Rather than just focusing on foods, you could combine these with a whole array of other blue items. These could be everyday objects, or you might indeed add in yellow and blue flowers alongside food.

If your background board is blue, the ideal balance may be to have more yellow than blue, with any blue items being placed just in front of something yellow, rather than being right up against the blue background board, in order to prevent the colour clashing.

You might even try a range of different arrays of blue and yellow items, which could enable you to produce a whole series of great themed shots that will highlight your own solidarity with Ukraine at this time.

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