Backdrops For A Jubilee

Even the staunchest of republicans could not have failed to notice that this year is the platinum jubilee, with the Queen marking 70 years on the throne, the first British monarch to do so.

This has brought a huge array of celebrations and events across the country and even those generally not enthused by such things may at least be pleased that there is an extra day of bank holiday, with a four-day weekend starting on Thursday 2nd, ensuring everyone has some extra time off to enjoy.

For those keen to make the most of the occasion, this will no doubt be a time for bunting, street parties and food, with a Jubilee Platinum Pudding being created for the occasion, featuring a lemon Swiss roll and amaretti trifle. No doubt millions will be seeking to make one.

The potential for some memorable photographs is obvious. By carefully selecting the right backdrop boards, you can create a wonderful array of images with the Jubilee Pudding right at the centre. Whether it is yellow to match the lemon colours or darker to provide a contrast, you can create something that truly stands out.

For a highly patriotic look, it is important to get in some flags and bunting. You could achieve this with a union flag backdrop board, or by simply draping flags and bunting around the pudding, perhaps alongside other items like a picture of the Queen herself.

You can also experiment. For example, a wider-angle photo could include a close-up of the pudding and even a montage of themed objects, but with a blurred soft focus in the background with bunting hanging from lamp posts and people enjoying a street party.

The Jubilee weekend will, weather permitting as ever, be an enjoyable one for the public. With some clever photography, you can capture both the flavours and the wider vibe of this historic occasion.

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