5 Photography Trends In 2021

Photography trends are forever changing, and some come and go, while others seem to stick around. They can be a major influence on how print and digital designs come together, and on the demand for stock photography that incorporates these trends. 

It’s also important for influencers and marketing professionals to be on the ball with the latest photography trends, and to also avoid the trends that have become so commonplace, they look lazy and unoriginal.

Photography trends are dictated by a few things: The visual style of photographers, techniques that are gaining popularity in projects, the ability for images to work with other design elements, and even things such as social media filters. It’s important not only for photographers to know the latest trends but designers too, so they can ensure that creative visions are aligned.


  1. Silhouettes

Silhouettes have made a huge comeback. You may see a closeup of a subject framed in light, or perhaps a more wide-angled landscape where the background is the focal point, and the silhouetted person or people serve more as an accent to the image.

Silhouettes can help provide different areas of focus, such as a scene, without highlighting the individual in the image. Silhouettes are great when working with stock photography where you do not want to show specific details or individuals.


  1. Imagery with Art

This is a trend that has come from social media, a mashup of reality in images against street art. These are typically bright and fun photos with a lot of focus on the art element, such as a mural or graffiti - people posing in front of graffiti-style angel wings and a halo is a good example of this.

The subject of the photo might be clearly defined or just provide a hint of human connection, such as the image above that features only hands against a strong artistic background.


  1. Authentic Imagery

Photos that do not look like they have been photoshopped and tweaked with over-the-top filters tend to resonate better with people and help them connect to the image because it appears more authentic and relatable.

Authentic images lack the staged and contrived quality that can be associated with commercial photography, and the models look natural, appropriate for the scene, and the backgrounds are not flawless. This photo trend applies to photos for websites, brands, and printed brochures and projects.

  1. Colour

The same bright colour trends that have been dominated graphic design trends have begun creeping into photography trends. Colour can be used in photos as well as it can be in design.

Backgrounds, foregrounds, and bright accents help to draw the viewer into the image, helping them understand the content and the context of the message.


  1. Staged Still Life

Staged still life photos have become quite popular for website hero header design and are beginning to grow in popularity for printed designs as well.

This photography trend involves a photographer gathering items to stage an image — often for a product or brand — that showcases a scene of items arranged neatly or in a specific way. While there’s no rule as to what angle the image is taken from, most of these images seem to be photographed from above so that you are looking down into the scene.

Many of these photos feature a simple table or background that you almost don’t see with a focus on the textured and colourful elements in the foreground.

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