5 Must-Have Food Photography Props

Youve found the right recipe, and crafted it to perfection, before placing it on your food photography background, where the light falls softly and delicately into the lens of your camera. Now its time to create the style and environment that will make the food pop off the screen.

Whether youre a professional food photographer, a food blogger, or a keen enthusiast, it is important to have the right props to complement your food styling skills. Good props will elevate your image, helping to craft the editorial feel, and importantly, not distant from the star of the show.

Lets have look at some of the most essential food photography props.


1. Linens

A great linen collection is a must for any food photography prop for everyone. A well placed and folded linen can help guide the viewer around the scene, helping to add much-needed lines and framing for your composition.

However, be wary of linens that are too brightly coloured or patterned that may distract from the food and steal the show. Look for a good collection of linen tea towels, napkins, and tablecloths.


2. Wooden Bowls, Wooden Spoons, Wooden Everything!

Wooden food photography props will always be a winner, as they help introduce a touch of nature and an organic feel to the image.

Good food photography will include as many natural elements as possible and not just the ingredients for the dish. Wooden props will fit right in with wooden tables, ceramics, and organic elements.

A list of food photography props would not be complete without some great chopping boards or wooden cheese serving platters. You can find them in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but it may bites to stick to regular square or rectangular shaped ones, as odd-shaped cutting boards can be difficult to compose, especially alongside other props.

3. Ceramic and Matte Finished Plates

One of the biggest issues for any photographer is how to control reflections from shiny objects. Ceramic and matte-finished plates are ideal for food photography, as they reduce the bright spots that unintentionally draw the eye from the subject of your composition. Ceramic plates also bring a natural feel and look to the environment you are creating around your recipe.


4. Cast Iron & Dutch Ovens

A very popular prop for food photography has to be a good pan, baking steel, griddle, or dutch oven in which the food was cooked. Cast iron is ideal due to its matte finish, which helps make the food pop off the screen in the final images, helping bring the viewer closer, emotionally, to the food.


5. Glass Jars, Bottles, and Mason Jars

An assortment of glass jars, bottles, and Mason jars will make great food photography props for the backgrounds of your images, and youll find yourself looking for ways to include them in every shot.

Bottles and jars work great to frame up your subject or add that bit of foreground for a more layered effect in your images. 


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