4 Tips To Improve Your E-commerce Photography In 2022

With the lockdowns of there past two years causing a mass shift to online shopping, it has become apparent to online retailers that the highest-quality product photos are vital.

Your customers product experience and experience with your brand start with product photography, and a single photo can make or lose a sale. From 360º photography to storytelling lifestyle shots, there is a lot to consider when integrating product photography into your e-commerce strategy.

Lets have a look at some key points to keep in mind.


1. Online photos need to recreate the in-store experience

Before committing to a purchase, customers will want to know as much as they can about the product. High-quality photos and web written copy can virtually replace the in-store experience, filling in for the lost experience of browsing the shelves.

However, research has found that 80 per cent of online shoppers crave a visual experience, and will be unlikely to browse your e-commerce site if there are no photos, or poorly produced and published photos.

Give customers what they want, and ensure you include a number of photo options, videos, and 360º images if applicable and you are able to do so.


2. Video rising to prominence

Still photography has been used to promote products for decades, and there have been various styles and trends that have changed how these images are taken and used over the years, but essentially, their essence remains the same.

But in recent years, there has been a shift to the use of video. As technology has developed, and internet speeds become quicker, while video files become more compact, video has been used more and more in e-commerce and social media.

Almost three-quarters of consumers are more likely to commit to a purchase after watching videos that show products in action. Savvy brands have been taking advantage of these increased opportunities for exposure, which has had a domino effect on product photographers.


3. Product shots will help reduce return and refund rates

Products can look different in real life than in the photos on your website, and around 20 per cent of all items sold online will ultimately be refunded.

There is nothing that can be done to ensure that consumers are browsing your e-commerce site with the right display options, thus rendering images in a slightly different colour, but ensuring you have high-quality shots to begin with in your store will help set realistic expectations for your customers about the goods they are ordering, and what they actually look like.


4. The right photos will help improve SEO ranking

Optimising your product shots for search engines will help increase the number of people interested in your products. This can be done by:

Naming photos clearly - replace IMG003.jpg with terms that describe your product and the image, but keep names short.

Add alt text. Even if time-consuming, providing a brief description of the image will make it easier for search engines to parse images.

Optimise the file size. If images take too long to load, customers will click away and look elsewhere.


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