3 Weird Tips To Being A Better Photographer

No matter your level of experience in photography, there are always endless tips and advice on how to fine-tune and hone your skills, from advice about equipment, tips for techniques, or what photographers work you should be looking at.

However, sometimes, some of the best tips for being a better photographer are for when you have put the camera down. While the following tips are not as weird as some, for instance, training as a ninja, here are some peculiar tips that might help give you the edge youre looking for.


Get organised in the shower.

Or bath, or in bed, your favourite armchair, or even on the bus. Being a photographer means that you might spend all day in the studio or on location, or even all day in front of your computer editing or doing admin work, uploading to social media, replying to emails, and so on and so on. There can be endless tasks that need to be done every day, leaving little time to simply relax and think.

Sometimes the only time and place that people can switch off and let their minds wander and think, is when youre forced to, such as in the bath or shower, or on your commute home. These are the moments when you can gather your thoughts and get organised, remember that you need to send an invoice, or reply to a new client.


Make friends not competitors

Many photographers will see other photographers as the competition and nothing more, actively avoiding them, whether in person or on social media as they feel they are competing against each other. However, this can be a mistake.

Of course, we are all in the same market and competing for the same, if not similar clients, and we all want to be successful. However, that competition can also be a great friend or contact. From help with lending or borrowing equipment to sending clients each other's way, it can be a win-win for all parties.

Next time you get offered a job that youre unable to take, recommending a fellow photographer will not go unforgotten when the tables are turned. Otherwise, you may find that your strongest competitor is yourself.

Stop forcing yourself to be inspired by photography

Looking at the work of other photographers is a fine way to get inspiration and a common practice for many creatives. However, there can be a fine line between being inspired by and stealingideas.

There are so many other places to find inspiration for photography, whether its the imagery conjured up by listening to music, scenes described in a book, or just even taking a walk around where you live and look around.

Find what really inspires you. The fact that youre a photographer does not mean you are limited only to looking at photography. It might be watching your favourite sport, visiting the theatre, walking around art galleries, or even enjoying your favourite dish in your favourite restaurant.

Find what really simulates your brain and creativity, let your mind feel free to explore other mediums and avenues, and instead of copying ideas, create them.


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